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Full Version: Mystical Quest
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<b> ------- Mystical Quest -------

Step 1: Buy a mystical water from the Goblin in the
wilderness (77,172), there are several colors (Red, White,
Blue, Brown, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple) to choose from.
Each water costs 5 million coins a piece.

Step 2: Head across the bridge and to the right of the
Goblin to find the Mystical tree (101,168). This is the
most time consuming! You must wait 4 full nexus days
((12 real hours)), and in between the nexus hours of
15-21 for the tree to speak (pop up).
NOTE: Because of so many resets, the nexus timing versus
the 12 hours may be off some. I recommend heading over
there at about 10pm-11pm EST, or checking the nexus hour
around this time. It has also been said the tree speaks
earlier than 12 hours, but the 12 hour wait is the majority
of how people have gotten the weapon.

Step 3: Once the mystical tree speaks to you, it will take
your mystical water and give you a shade leaf (the first
weapon). If you wanted the shade leaf, you can stop right
here. However, if you want the dragon staff.. look on..

Step 4: IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tree speaks to you, head
over to the Mystical Loiterer in Buya (93,113) and wait
for the upcoming 00 hour, for the man will then speak to
you. He'll ask if he can take the shade leaf from you,
and give you a dragon staff (the second weapon). If the
staff is the weapon you've wanted, stop here. But if not..
look on..

Step 5: Head over to the Mystical Summoner in Kugnae
(54,20), and wait around the nexus hour of 8-16 (again,
the same nexus day as you spoke to the man in Buya).
He will ask for your dragon staff and in turn grant you a
glowing flame (the last weapon).

** END NOTE: If you decide later to turn your sword back into
a leaf, you'll have to go back to the mystical tree and
click it at exactly 11pm EST.

Good luck to all of you! Patience pays off!

Stats of each weapon:
5,000,000 Durability
S: 80m100
L: 80m100
+100 vita
+100 mana
+100 regen
Level 50 req

Credit goes to many people! Thank you to those who helped solve all of it out!
The quest page is in the works, just finishing it and taking out some bugs. I have a habit of breaking pages with the smallest little code. But when its complete it will be posted on the quest page. So thanks for the walk-through.

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