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Full Version: Left 4 Dead
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I've been playing since release and am in absolute love with this game. Great multiplayer action for campiagns and versus. What I do hate, however, is not having people to game with and rely on pick up groups - obviously not that great, especially in this game. Anyone else place this regularly and would like to join me?
Played it like 2 hour max and got bored tongue.gif

I enjoyed more the Zombie Mod in CS than Left For Dead to be honest tongue.gif

And Left for Dead is a direct result of those Zombie Mod, but the problem is that its not even a Mod...

I dont remember how map map there was (5 maybe ?) but once you did them all, it get pretty repetitive. Its pretty much always the same thing and tis not like the game requirer any kind of FPS skills to play, even in the hardest mode...

Its a FPS for non-casual FPS player I guess, its like those FPS on console tongue.gif

Havent played the VS mode much, but the few Ive played just wasnt fun enough to get to me, maybe during a party with lot of beer ?

Sorry for the crude review.
QUOTE (eckostream @ Apr 22 2009, 10:36 PM) *
Havent played the VS mode much, but the few Ive played just wasnt fun enough to get to me, maybe during a party with lot of beer?

Haha, good stuff.

...Canadian beer, right?
Thats true. Campaigns aren't that hard - but if you didn't touch VS much, thats where most of the fun is. The skils it takes to actually be decent at infected/survivors and the amount of teamwork required is insane. Have someone who likes to run solo? Well, you have someone who likes to be dead. I'd totally reccomend giving VS another try - I'd be more then happy to give it go a couple rounds and hopefully you'll have some fun.
Wasnt my Steam account anyway tongue.gif

So the game isnt installed on my PC anymore and Id much rather play COD 4 tongue.gif
QUOTE (eckostream @ Apr 23 2009, 05:11 PM) *
...Id much rather play COD 4...

aaah. I think we've identified your problem.
Actually have been meaning to pick this one up for some coop with my buddies, but those idiots all sold their 360's to pay for the cars they couldn't afford when they bought them. I'll remember this thread if I do.
Havent played In awhile But used to own so bad on that hit me up Ill play aslong as if it not laggy xD
Game is amazing with 8 players in 4v4. Hours flies by so fast.
I just have one thing to say about Left4Dead..

Shoot the car.
I play.

Still getting better... did like.. 29:01:00 in the water tunnels on survival the other day... damn that level is fun.
Imo that game is better being left 4 dead.
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