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Posted by: Vini Jun 29 2015, 01:46 AM

Many Nexus organizations have or had forums to expand the communication between their members. Such forums are very useful to complement what Nexus boards can't do:
organize things by topic

However, many people have been noticing a recurring problem with such organizational forums. They're hard to setup, hard to keep active on and whenever the person responsible for that forum leaves or stops being active the whole forum stops being active and eventually everyone stops using or gaining access to new members. Therefore, we began allowing/setting customized forums for Nexus official organizations again. This has been requested to us by some people for a while now, and we're happy to help set them up.

Here's an example of a recent forum set for usage of all KRA soldiers:

As you may notice, there can be sub-forums inside the organization's forum and each can have a different level of access. In this example, KRA officer's forum can only be read by KRA officers (obviously), which is quite similar to what subpaths and most clans already use for the guides and council.

So, do you wish to set your Forum within Nexus Forums? Contact me and we'll help you customize one for your group.

This offer goes to all official Nexus organizations: subpaths, clans, armies, ministries, tutor/carnage/justice departments. Groups others than these will be considered case by case.

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