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Nexus Forums _ Report News! _ Nagnang Arena Facelift

Posted by: Ranger_Ninwa Feb 23 2017, 12:02 AM

It appears Mythic wasn't the only region to receive an update. The nagnang arena got a tile refresh today as well. I only saw the main hall as I entered the daily elixir, so it might be worth checking the side-rooms to see if they changed as well.

-Ninwa / Awnin

Posted by: Amatus Mar 29 2017, 12:00 AM

I'm not sure if anyone requested Nagnang Arena to be changed this way. The shop and Stone Pit were also changed; I'm disappointed because Stone Pit looked great the way it was, and now it has three green carpets that make no sense. Forsaken and Village Arenas are unchanged, and that's sort of a relief, even though they could use minor adjustments.

Regardless, the side rooms in Nagnang Arena are rarely (if ever) used. Sadly, even Sire Pit doesn't get many visitors anymore. ohmy.gif

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