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> The Complete Archon Forum Transcript, The compete archon forum transcript
post Feb 10 2010, 12:05 AM
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Apologies for the formatting, some grammatical errors from the forum are maintained, sometimes my knowledge of the language left me correcting clearly misspoken sentences.

1. Why aren't there mining updates to Clan's

Aremdaun: Because clannies need to get up and

leave their clan halls. Their clan is not their kingdom.

2. Are archons not allowed in public, or is their

absence by choice?

Dalnum: Archons go out into the community when

they are working on something pertaining to their

tasks. We also go out in public for special occasions

but as a rule we do not go out into the community.

3.When will Nagnang be able to do defender

ceremonies again?

JinSang: Very soon with ChaeRi's appearance in the

lands things are moving forward and you should see

some work in these areas with help from the Order!

Misun: My turn? Oops

4. When will we see new item shop items that came

out with the new patch, like the ones used in the

NexusAtlas avatars

Misun: Eventually!

5. Will Kinung be fully taking over RP events or will

clans and subpaths still be a part if they request or

try to do it.

DaeJang: Clans and subpaths are free to do any RP

events they want if they do not require archon/god

support. if they do require upper-level support, I'm

willing to listen to your ideas so please n-mail them

to me or soldaris but keep in mind that there are a

lot of ideas out there and we cant do everyones

though I do want to do whatever I can to help you

guys improve the state of RP.

6. If we have an event idea, who do we mail it to

Soldaris Well dejang pretty much answered that, he

or myself can take the ideas and as he said dont be

unsulted if we cannot use them as there is a lot

going on right now and any event requiring support

from mug is very time consuming.

7. When will subpaths be able to recieve their

subpath requests and why was it stopped in the first


Saeoh: Subpath requests were submitted in pages

and pages long of nmail this takes a lot of time not

only to review but also to be implemented. So it

would take some time before the requests can be


Requests are stopped for the big addition to the

game. Once the addition is released, requests will be

opened again

8. Are there any plans to add weapons or clothing

with stats to the item shop?

Misun: Not at this time

9. Why hasn't the sa san rogue spell been fixed yet
Misun: Ping
Dalnum: It is being worked on however there have

been problems and this will take time.

10. Would you consider lifting the policy on the

fefusal of applicants to the ministry when theyre

affiliated with a clan that has 'too many

[long pause]

Chollin: A-Not at this time

11. Will donation npc be fixed for clans anytime soon?
Aremdaun: Still trying to fix it

12. Any plans to upgrade spells for non-npc paths?
Aremdaun: Not at this time

13.Why orange?
Misun: -Giggle-
Alilolelotte: We live close to the sun and bathe in its

rayes, and thus we have this characteristic color!

14.Can you please ask MiSun nicely if she would be

sooo kind as to release some scarlet/blood red

wings for valentines day?
Misun: Youll just hafta wait and see~
Misun: Ping

15. Why did you separate RP from the kingdoms to

Kinung? Why not endorse RP outside of it?
Daejang: The intention of Kinung is not to Segregate

RPers from the rest of the game but rather to

provide a place where RPers can go and know

everyone else there wants to RP. We do not mean

for RP to be discouraged outside of Kinung and in

face our events generall try to involve outside areas

and organizations

16. Do we have any new carnage mini games

planned? Example Lixir FH

Daime: Yes we are planning to release something

new soon we are currently testing and adding

additional features to it.

Mug: Stop walking around please

17. Can we ever expect a new subpath for each class

to be released/allowed?

Saeoh: This might be possible if you have a good RP

background for an idea however subpath will

undergo more thorough and stricter evaluation

before given the green light and it wont be as easy

as getting a clan official if you know how hard that

already is.

18. will the item creation function have a use besides

lanterns? Are any items that can currently be made

besides lanterns right now?

Dalnum: There are more waiting for an existing quest

19.About how much time do you spend per week

doing archon duties?
Habaek: This depends on the Archon how many

request how much mail they have and any follow up

they need to do I would say most spend several

hours a day working on things

20. Will it be sold in Kruna shop?!?!?!?
Misun: Sure Why not.

21. Will the item shop ever implement a system to let

us try on items before we buy them?

Misun: As lovely as that would be, its not something

thats going to happen in the near future.

22. When will buya have another defender ceremony?
Chollin: Its at the discretion of the Princess and the


23. If there are so many Archons, how come I can

walk around and see who buy/sell/bot/etc and never

any archons to stop them?

Habaek: if you check the scum board you will see

lots of players are caught doing things by the

archons and most are jailed for bots and third party

as a rule we do not just walk around looking for

things we respond to complaints most of the time

when we have time. Justice is handled by judges.

24. Are there any plans to close the rings/tribes

feature since all the kingdoms are filled?

Aremdaun: NO

25. Will subpaths ever get anything up to par with

vortex items or others that are more superior? It'd

probably help RP if there were a reason to do it other

than some usless items/ 'neat' spells.

Saeoh:the game is originally developed with NPC

paths to be the "hunting paths" subpaths received

lots of updates to balance them over the years, they

are way better now than back in the day.

26. Who picks who is to be a judge/archon and is it

monitored to stop corruption?

Dalnum: the head judge picks judges and as far as

archons go, it depends on the players themselves.

27. Who Do we report a bad name too?
JinKyon: if the player is under level 15 chances are

we already got them if it is a higher level player and

you feel it is a bad name it is best to nmail dalnum or


28. Ive noticed the justice system has been really

sluggish taking weeks to follow through on reports

and end in jailing, why not add more judges?

Habaek: The number of judges is determined by the

head judge and the amount of time it takes for them

to be trained is very long, also finding judges is not

an easy task but they do the best they can.

29. are there any plans to make the trip to tangun


Allilolelotte: Yes we are working hard to make it

cheaper and we are almost there with finding a way

to get you there cheaper than the current price of


Mug: Tangun is free now.

30. Why does it take so long to approve a map for an


Jinsang: Quite simply there are many things that go

into a map besides being pretty, without going into

the technicalities, EVERYTHING must be inspected

to ensure it not only looks right, but functions the

way it is supposed to.

31. Will carnages ever be automated?
Daime: NEVER

32. Will clans ever be removed from the game as they

slip below 100 members count?
Aremdaun: If clan members slip below 50 >>> Yes

If primogen council forget to report to tribunal

meetings several times w/o notice >>> Yes

Forget to send in TP reports consistantly >>> Yes

33. Can we look forward to any brand new evens to

keep us occupied through the next few months?

Daejang: YES! We have a few smaller ideas for the

near future, includingone going on right now. Once

the new area is released, we will be able to start

executing some larger ideas as well.

34. Why now is there such a big deal about elders

removing members who have been inactive from

subpaths for a good bit of deal with no letter of


Saeoh: Why do they have to go through such a large

process just to remove someone. That should be

something at the eleder level and not even have to

be brough up to the Archons.

Saeoh: Removal of inactive members are all up to

the elders. However elders must inform the removed

member in order to make sure that the reason

behind the removal is legit

35. Will arrow quivers made from crafting ever be able

to be sold to NPCs?
Soldaris: This is very possible and should be posted

on dreams so work on implementing it can be started

as soon as possible.

36. Is there any work towards it been released? Any

idea when?

Dalnum: Sorry this question refers to the new area

that our GM has been working on and our GM is

putting most all of his time into it so it will come out

as soon as possible. It is a very large area so it will

take time

SAGE: Chifchirouge: Will mug change his clan title to

whale killer? <3 biggrin.gif

37. Will the little chick eggy thing on Saeoh's head

ever be released?
Misun: Easter!
Daejang: Ping..?
Misun: ping.

38. Will the tangun caves policy be set back to it

used to be?

Alilolelotte: Right now the changes were to benefit

the newer players into seeing the rest of the game. If

you have suggestions please post them on dreams.

39. Why does an il san mage have to join a subpath

to be able to learn their spells?
Saeoh: This game is built around roleplaying, PC or

NPC therefore a player must select a subpath that

suit him best in order to learn specific spells or else

he'd have to advance without any

Saeoh: I forgot to ping.

Dalnum: I hope everyone has enjoyed tonights forum
Daejang: Just so you guys know if your question

wasn't answered you dont ahve to wait, I answer all

my n-mails so ask anytime. Many of the questions

were the same topic so you might not have had your

question answered.

Mug: Thank you to the players for coming out

40. Is it possible to be banned from a PC subpath
Saeoh: Yes every subpath has their own policy in

accepting walkers

41. Any plans to allow players to have more than

four slots per account?
Maiyu: Send that idea to business support i"ts not an

ingame thing we deal with We couldn't answer all

questions today due to their content archons only

deal with in game situations. So stuff reguarding

crafting and all that coolness needs to go on

dreams, we do have an archon who moniros that

board. That is all for today, thanks for coming out,

Great questions, thank Archon team, on one final


All Archons and Mug: Ping!
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