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> Quests: Resolved The Gogoon Family, -Complete-
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Resolved the Gogoon Family's Dilemma (Legend Mark Quest)

The majority of this quest involves going to the mansion on Gogoon Island and helping nearly the entire household with their different problems. This is mostly a delivery and foraging quest. The last two steps will be very testing of your patience.

You will get 1 pirate coin after every completed delivery or favor.

List of items consumed:
1 Mango
2 Strawberries
4 Oranges
5 Coconut oil
12 Small black pearls

First things first, gate North Gogoon and head into Chief Tahaki's hut and listen to Tahaki's Welcome.

Your first task is to head inside the mansion at 132 104 Gogoon Island. Speak first with butler Yuujin and ask him about The Mansion Key.

He wants you to speak with the master Rahiti, located in the Master's Shipping room. Just head around the mansion rooms in a clockwise fashion.

He will give you a Box of Deliveries and a Statement.

Take the first box back to Chief Tahaki at North gate Gogoon. Speak with him about Delievery to Tahaki until you get Half box of deliveries and One Signature Statement.

Take the half box to Naravas, the weapon smith at South Gogoon gate. Speak to him about Delivery to Naravas until you get Two Signature Statement.

Take the two signature statement back to Rahiti, in Master's Shipping Room.

Next, find his son Eumolpus in the center most room of the mansion and ask him about Eumolpus' Hunger. You'll need to bring (1) Mango, (2) Strawberries, and (4) Oranges to Otando, in the NE mansion for this special dish.

Bring Eumolpus' Meal back to the boy. Speak to their mother Orama, who you passed in The Master's Parlor. She will reward you with Left mansion key.

Now, head to the west corridor of the mansion and speak with grandmother HuangQi. She will request that you bring her (5) Coconut Oils*.

Return with the precious oils and she will reward you with Middle mansion key.

The last dilemma is that of the smith, Tahitoa. He requests that you bring him (12) Small black pearls.

Small black pearls can be found mining the beach shore and some areas of the forest near the beach. You must dig them up directly, as I do not believe they are found inside clam shells. A good area to mine is the west beach, just above the Gogoon village.

After handing over the pearls, he will reward you with Right mansion key!

Combine all the keys in creation system (Shift+I) and give the newly formed Mansion key to Yuujin to collect your reward: Resolved the Gogoon Family's Dilemma.

*Notes on crafting coconut oil: Coconut oil is the result of many, many coconuts. You first need to learn to gather Coconuts. Purchase a stick from Naravas at south Gogoon and equip it. You will farm coconuts much like wheat or rice with a basic sickle.

It is best to look for trees that resemble palm trees. If you find a coconut, drop a coin or other mark on the ground to start seeing the patterns where you collect them, and soon you will not even need to mark the ground.

You will need coconut milk containers from kapur branches (from Shipwreck Island, a random intermission between the boat and Gogoon Island) that a carpenter makes at the Shipping room table. A carpenter will also need to turn coconuts into coconut coir at the carpentry table. You get 3 coirs per successful coconut.

Next, take the coconut coirs to Puaura's room and have a weaver make them into a coconut coir net, which takes 10 coirs per try.

You will also need coconut meat, which you also get from refining coconuts in Otando's Pantry. To make, you'll need a mortar and pestle (gemcutter can turn (4) large rock into mortar and pestle at the gem table at the jeweler near south Gogoon gate) and a coconut. Take these to the Stone Pestle in Otando's Pantry to make coconut meat.

Now, you will need to have a food preparer combine (1) coconut meat, (1) coir net, and (1) coconut milk container. Coconut milk containers are only consumed on success. If you are lucky or skilled, you will make Coconut milk.

Finally, a chef will take the precious Coconut milk and attempt to turn it into Coconut oil on the stove. Again, you need five of these.

If there ever was a time to take advantage of totem time bonus, it would be during the crafting of coconut oil!

Very special thanks to Rubi for being first to complete many steps of this quest, as well as discovering the location for clear water. Thanks to Huntyr for sharing good locations for farming as well as sharing tons of coconuts. Thanks to Diglett for being the first to efficiently farm coconuts. Thanks to Conro, Musoyen, Riane, Blackseven, YangZ, AkiKan, and everyone else that helped me with steps or were willing to share their knowledge.

Good luck!


( I have screenshots of everything I can provide for the main nexusatlas page, if interested please Nmail me in game if you can assist )

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